• “Jacob writes a world were magic is the norm, vampires do exist, and fairies are big tough guys with a beautiful heart.  You get lost reading about these men, you root for them, and you get angry when they suffer.  This is one that I HIGHLY recommend you read, but you do need to read book one first, because a lot of what happens in book one is continued in this one.  Thank you Jacob for allowing me the chance to get to know Thad and Aiden, I am very much looking forward to Pierce’s story next.” 10 Pots of Gold

– Ashlovesbooks from Rainbow Gold Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “The second installment in The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge Series is sure to be a favorite amongst mm paranormal fans. Jacob Z. Flores goes all out with the magical creatures and level of suspense propelled across the pages.” Bad Ass Spells and Magic

– Kristy from 3 Chicks After Dark | Read the full review here

  • “It’s always a treat when an Author can mix numerous magical creatures and their particular legends, keep everything straight and manage to keep me entertained throughout…. [T]his series is very interesting, entertaining and intriguing. A lot of drama and angst mixed with passion and faith.” 5 Hearts

– Tams from MM Good Book Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “The writing is supreme, the story is an intricately woven idea that intrigued me, brought me in from the beginning. There was so much at stake, so much they didn’t know. What a sweet soul Jacob Z. Flores is, men can be strong and show weakness but through that weakness strength shines through. Loved that!” 4. 5 Stars

– Judy from On Top Down Under Book Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “The Samhain event with all the families brings on more surprises and we are led on an adventure to save the Order, the Fey and the world….Jacob you have a great imagination, it speaks from a young man’s voice. It has youth,lust and a gentle understanding of hope…. I cannot wait till the next episode. I loved it.” 4.5 Stars

– Gloria from Paranormal Romance Guild | Read the full review here

  • “Compared to the cold, unfeeling Thad we have in the first book, and at the start of in Blood Tied, seeing him come around and soften up and show some emotion was heartwarming. I really enjoyed how this series is unfolding, and I am looking forward to what is coming next.” 4.5 Stars

– Karen from The Novel Approach | Read the full review here

“I find the Blackmoor family fascinating.  Jacob Z. Flores weaves a compelling story with surprising plot twists with strong gorgeous men that find their true strength in loving each other and then there is the smoking hot sex!…I highly recommend Blood Tied and this series will do your library proud.” 4.5 Stars

– Cheryl from Top2Bottom Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “Jacob Flores has a vivid imagination. So much happens, so many strange beings, and so much world building goes on in this book. It’s amazing…. So yes, a must read. So much yes. This series is promising to become one of my favorites.” 4.5 Stars

– Marieke from Love Bytes Reviews | Read the full review here


  • Jacob Flores has done an amazing job with this series. It has a little bit of something for everyone in it. Fantasy, magic, romance, danger… you name it. 4.25 Stars

– Morgan Skye from Open Skye Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “This book had all my favorite paranormal and fantasy aspects in it. I would definitely recommend this book!” 4 Stars

– Kara from Inked Rainbow Reads | Read the full review here

  • “In Blood Tied we watch individual members of the Blackmoor family mature. There is betrayal, mistrust, danger, love and passion…. Overall, this is a great sequel and I really look forward to seeing Pierce as a main character and how Jacob Z Flores will develop his plot.” 4 Stars

– Kirsty from Gay Guys Reading | Read the full review here

  • “There are still serious problems looming for the Blackmoor family and the sons’ new beaus. Mason and Thad have grown to be extremely powerful warlocks and their boyfriends are… other. I’m a…fascinated with this set up.” 4 Stars

– Faye from It’s About the Book | Read the full review here

  • “This new release is as fast paced and entertaining as the first and there’s plenty of angst, action and danger. There also sizzling romance.” 4 Stars

– Dragon Mix from Literary Nymphs Reviews | Read the full review here

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