Magical Beings Glossary

Types of Magical Beings

In the Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge, magic derives from the Gate, a portal to the Astral Plane, which grants all magical beings their power. Each type of magical being taps into a different current of energy, which results in a variety of supernatural species. Usually, an individual cannot tap into magic outside of his species. No matter how much he may try, a warlock cannot manipulate the energies associated with a witch. Through practice and study of the craft, an individual can increase the power level of the magic he does have access to.


Warlocks harness black magic, a chaotic energy that emanates from the Gate. The turbulent current gives warlocks an offensive edge and also a hair-trigger temper. Emotions rule their thoughts and actions, which often lead to impulsive behavior. They incite fear, use intimidation, and harness their anger like a missile strike. They typically cast spells to harm or manipulate their enemies. Besides spell casting, warlocks possess an active power, which results from the merging of two of the five magical elements–earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. Since warlocks access chaotic energy, they cannot directly influence an element in its purest form. However, they can bind two elements together, creating a powerful hybrid, such as the power of cryokinesis (mastery over ice), which results from the merging of water and air elements.

The Warlocks’ Motto:

Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc – We gladly feast on those who would subdue us


The white magic of the witches is a peaceful current of energy. It seeks connectivity with others and with the universe that makes witches superior at defense. Their sympathetic hearts make their charms and protective spells difficult to break, but their empathy can often lead witches to selfless acts detrimental to their own wellbeing. Although they can cast offensive spells, they prefer spells that heal or bring people closer together. Witches gain their active power directly from one of the five magical elements–earth, air, fire, water, or spirit. Once witches tap into an element, it can manifest in the ability of pyrokinesis (mastery over fire) or aerokinesis (mastery over air), depending on which element has become the witch’s guiding force.

The Witches’ Motto:

Unus In Omnibus – One in All


Wizards access the consistent ebb and flow of gray magic. The steady current is reflected in all wizards’ dedication to stability and order. Their pragmatic and detached view of life makes them excellent strategists but also mostly incapable of forging relationships outside of their covens. They see all sides of a problem and are usually the first to find a solution. Wizards prefer to remain within the boundaries of magical law and spend most of their time seeking wisdom, insight, and enlightenment. They tend to cast spells that will either gain knowledge or remove ignorance. Unlike warlocks and witches, wizards tap into only one magical element–spirit, which is considered the most powerful of the five. The danger of the power corrupting a wizard is considered impossible since they are inherently more grounded than warlocks or witches. This is why wizards are able to possess abilities such as mind control, illusion, and telepathy.

The Wizards’ Motto:

Fidelis Et Statera – A true balance

The Conclave

The three most powerful warlocks, witches, and wizards make up this governing body. The identities of these nine beings are unknown since they alone possess the knowledge of the Gate’s precise location.

They always appear in robes and hoods as a layer of defense to ensure the Gate’s location is never compromised. If the Gate was ever damaged beyond repair or closed, all magic would cease to exist, and supernatural beings would become extinct. The Conclave also selects the protector covens or the guardians of the Gate, who are charged with defending the source of all magic at all costs, even with their lives. In addition to protecting the magical power source, the Conclave is responsible for making magical laws and ensuring the laws are followed.

The word of the Conclave is absolute, and their power is feared and respected across the magical community.


The vampyren represent the bastardization and corruption of the Gate’s power. They are undead monsters that hunger for blood and are capable of killing scores of humans in one night. They can also build up an immunity to spells cast against them, making them virtually invulnerable to magic. This makes even one vampyre extremely deadly and able to destroy even the most powerful covens. The first vampyre was created by Bartram Kane during the late 1600s. Bartram’s son Ebenezer was burned at the stake after spectral evidence spoken against him damned him as a witch. As a member of the Conclave and a powerful warlock in his own right, Bartram sought the assistance of the Conclave to save his son. When his request was denied and his son’s sentence was carried out, Bartram went mad and cast the forbidden immortalitus spell. By resurrecting his son, Bartram unleashed the vampyren curse upon the magical and human communities.

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