• “I have to say I love how Jacob does’t just focus on just Warlocks, Witches, and Wizards oh my!  There is a whole cast of paranormal activity happening in these three books, and I absolutely love that. Kale is a sifter, but not your typical shifter, he is something special and when he meets Pierce you see the sparks (hehe) between them.  Kale brings something out in Pierce that he had built a brick wall around, not wanting to admit to needing.  And Pierce brings out a strength in Kale that he didn’t know he had.  I love this series, Jacob does a brilliant job in imagery and story building.” 10 Pots of Gold

–Ashlovesbooks from Rainbow Gold Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “I’m a sucker for soul mate stories. But you have to give them depth and reality to make them believable, and Flores definitely did that with Soul Struck.” 5 Hearts

-Tams from MM Good Book Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “The fact that I spent most of the book smiling pretty much says everything. It was fun, enchanting, exciting and cheered me up after a bad day. I couldn’t have asked for more.” 5 Stars

-Elaine from Divine Magazine | Read the full review here

  • “With each new book we see another aspect of this world come to life, and it really is a toss up, now that I have read Soul Struck, which book I like the best.” 4.5 Stars

-Karen from The Novel Approach Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “The action is this book is very well written and had me on the edge of my seat (which doesn’t happen very often).” 4.5 Stars

-Marieke from Love Bytes Reviews | Read the full review here


  • “This is a wonderful example of family.” 4 Stars

-Fae from It’s About the Book | Read the full review here

  • “This is such a rich and wonderful series. The world building is phenomenal and the characters each have their unique path to follow to become great warlocks and partners.” It was Amazing

-Morgan from The Blogger Girls | Read the full review here


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