• “Spell Fall is an excellent addition to The Warlocks of Havenbridge series. It has danger, intrigue, and a heartfelt romance that readers will love.” 5 Stars

-Kirsty from Joyfully Jay | Read the full review here

  • Holy crap do I love this series, and this book is the perfect addition to it! How Jacob Flores can craft a whole world and everyone in it that you are just convinced is real it’s so well written is beyond me! “ 5 Spring Rainstorm Rating

-Becky from Bike Book Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “OK now THAT is how you do it! Spell Fall was a fantastic read, full of action, magic, and enough mystery to keep me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.” 5 Stars

-PizzyGirl from Prism Book Alliance | Read the full review here

  • “[T]his book is his strongest yet for the series…. I devoured it in a day.” 5 Stars

-Gloria from Paranormal Romance Guild | Read the full review here

  • ” It was awesome. Enough love, sex, tension and excitement to keep you want to read on. It’s a worthy sequel of Drake and Mason’s story.” 5 Stars

-Marieke from Love Bytes | Read the full review here

  • “Flores writing just gets better with each installment of this series. The world building, character development and growth as well as the overall feel of the story is just amazing. ” 5 Stars

-Tams from TTC Books and More | Read the full review here

  • “I loved that the ‘mystery’ in this story is so carefully interwoven with both Drake and Mason’s relationship as it is the power struggle between the other warlocks and [Icarian]. I thought the crafting of this was really well executed and the prose Flores uses is both strong and fluid and at times really artful and beautiful.” 4.5 Stars

-Morgan from Open Skye Book Reviews | Read the full review here

  • “This is an amazing series. If you haven’t read this series at all, but love books surrounded by magic and mystical elements, with amazing world-building, likeable and hateable characters, and an intricate plot that takes you through every type of emotion, go get book one, Spell Bound, and start from the beginning. If you have read this series and adored the first three books as much as I have, don’t wait to jump into book four. It will not disappoint.” 4 Stars

– Lindsey from The Novel Approach | Read the full review here

  • “What I am coming to love about this series is the action scenes, the scenes where we get answers to a few questions only to be riddled with many new ones.” 4 Stars

-VVivacious from Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words | Read the full review here

  • “Boy, that was one explosive episode in the ever continuing sage of the Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge!” 3 out of 4 Stars

-Elaine from Divine Magazine | Read the full review here

  • “[I]f you enjoy stories where characters are confronted with seemingly impossible challenges to overcome and mysteries to solve, if you want nonstop action and adventure, and if you’re looking for a read full of mysterious dangers, suspenseful situations, surprising revelations that only lead to more questions, and fascinating characters, then you will probably like this novel as much as I do.”

-Serena from Rainbow Book Reviews | Read the full review here


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