Top 10 Bad Ass Magical Powers

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always fantasized about having one supernatural power or another. Today, I wanted to share with you the top 10 powers I would wish for if I was ever granted the power by a spell or magical genie.



Why? Because I could go anywhere I wanted like inside Channing Tatum’s house.


# 9–Shape Shifting


Talk about your ultimate get out of jail free card.




How awesome would it be to not just stop a bullet but to change it into something else? Like chocolate.




It’s flying. Enough said.


#6–Super Strength


I would have a good time with this one. Where are all those bullies again?




Go ahead shoot me with your laser or try to stab me. Let’s see what happens.




Fire is such a destructive force that to be able to harness it would be incredible. Plus, I could always make S’mores.


#3–Mind Control


I would use this for good, not just for making hotties take their clothes off. I swear!




This has always been one of my favorite powers. I could go on vacation whenever I wanted, and if someone pissed me off, well, they’d find themselves on a deserted island or something.




Okay, this might not be the flashiest of powers, but it has always been my favorite. Who wouldn’t want to be able to fling bad guys around or make your Vodka and Sprite come to you?

So what are the powers on your list?

Source: The Grimoire

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