Why Does Magic Fascinate Us?


Um, wrong type of magic, but yes Channing Tatum humping the floor is quite magical in its own right.

What I’m talking about is witchcraft, sorcery, the paranormal version of magic, which has been around ever since our species first developed rational thought. It was the way our primitive ancestors explained the world around them to themselves and each other.

But as we developed as a species, we learned that what we thought was magical was actually just a natural process. The sun rose and set not because some god hoisted it across the sky but because our planet orbited around the sun as it rotated. The blooming of the flowers wasn’t because the fairies tended to the plants but because the plants had been pollenated by insects or the seeds had germinated and sprouted into new growth.

So even though we have science to explain so many aspects of our lives, why are so many people still fascinated by magic?


Sigh. Yes very fascinating.

But back to my question. I don’t claim to have the definitive answer, but I can tell you why magic fascinates me.

The Lure of the Unknown


Maybe I’m weird, but I like thinking there are things out there in the world that science and rational thought cannot explain. Having answers for everything makes life boring and routine. There’s a certain freedom that comes with fantasy and imagination. Do I hate science? Not at all, but magic appeals to me on a spiritual sense. It tells me there is more out there than what can be explained.

It Challenges Mortality


It’s part of our human nature to fear death to a certain extent. While there are not many certainties in life, death is one of them. We are all born, and we will all die. But magic gives us a potential out. If magic truly exists, if there was some spell we could master or fountain of youth to unearth, many of us might be tempted to do just that because face it, no one really wants to die.

It Can Give Us Powers


Since most of us were children, we were fascinated by the thought of flying, turning invisible, or shooting fire balls out of our hands. How many of us pretended to be some kind of superhero in our youth? That’s another draw of magic. It’s a fantasy that appeals to our inner child who secretly wishes to be more than just human.

So what is it about magic that fascinates you?


Source: The Grimoire

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