Why Warlocks Are Misunderstood

In my research on all things magical the past few months, I came across a definition of a warlock I found intriguing, and it helped me understand why warlocks are misunderstood.

Evidently, the word warlock is “a translation of a Saxon word, wǣrloga that means ‘oath-breaker.’” They were also seen as “cunning male witches” whose “activities clearly went against the teachings of the Christian churches.”

The definition and the negative connotation of the word implies that warlocks are evil, the bad guys of the magical world. In fact, they have been portrayed that way in many movies and TV shows.

How would you feel if others saw you like this?

I’m a man, not a monster!


Yeah, I wouldn’t like it either. Not a pretty picture.

Warlocks definitely have an image problem.

And here’s what I think: not every warlock can be bad. That would be unreasonable and illogical. That would be like saying all bears are evil because a few have harmed or killed a human. Should an entire species be judged by the actions of a few?


That’s right, Mr. Bear. It wouldn’t be fair.

I prefer to see warlocks as the bad boys of the magical community, not the bad guys. Do they break the rules some times? Sure. Can they be bastards when they want to be? No doubt.

But are they completely evil and heartless? I doubt it.

Hmmm. Perhaps someone should write a book (or even a series) about warlocks that turns those misconceptions on their ear.

And maybe someone will.

Source: The Grimoire

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